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Tralee Affordable takes an active approach to asset management.  We asset manage all of our properties as if they are conventional, market-rate assets. We work closely with our third party management company with whom we have a 20-year long standing relationship, and this allows us to best manage and operate the assets.  We take pride in offering appealing amenity packages, well lit efficient exteriors and upgraded units. Tralee strives to find the most competent management and personnel which offer residents consistency, well managed and well-maintained communities.
We have extensive experiences with asset managing LIHTC assets. With each new asset, we strive to build additional value by aggressively working on income with weekly calls to onsite management, managing expenses and minimizing turnovers.  This approach helps to drive up the NOI.  

Energy efficiency and utility expense management:  With each new property, we strive to enhance the efficiency of the property which generally leads to reductions in the utility expenses for both property and tenants.

  • Installation of new, energy efficient, LED lights throughout the entire property, including breezeways, stairways, hallways, wall-packs, street lights, and porch lights.
  • Installation of energy-efficient, water-sense plumbing fixtures in the rental units including low flow toilets and faucets in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • We engage energy consultants to help us identify any areas where water and electricity usages are outside averages to mitigate such losses and lower costs.
  • Aggressively analyze usages and costs on a monthly basis, and identify further reductions

Common area and unit renovations:

  • Update the clubhouse and other amenities with new paint, new lighting, new furniture, and new signage to enhance the overall appeal of the property.
  • Renovate units as residents move out to increase the appeal to potential tenants.  Unit renovations include new two-tone paint, updated countertops, updated cabinets, new lighting fixtures, and new faux-wood floors and carpets.

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