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Executive Vice President

Karsang Sherpa is a Senior Vice President, joining Tralee Capital Partners, LLC in 2009. Karsang has worked on acquistions totalling over $600 million since joining the firm. He has worked on spearheading and conducting initial underwriting, contract negotiations, due diligence and closing. He also has been a lead on overall asset management for the firm.
Prior to joining Tralee, Karsang was an associate with Dividend Capital Total Realty Trust. Since working in commercial real estate, Karsang has been involved with transactions totalling more than $680 million and has asset managed more than $430 million in real estate, including 2.9 million square feet of industrial, mixed-use, lodging, and multifamily assets.
Karsang has his MBA from the Wharton School of Business and graduated with a Bachelor's in Science from Cambridge University.

Karsang Sherpa

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